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Deisler De Leon:My creations  

Hello, I have created a chair, that can be the perfect solution for the people that spend a lot of time utilizing the computer. The people that utilize the computer for long periods, tends to suffer pains of back, arms and neck.

The desk has been the traditional option to use the computer, but after long periods of time tends to cause tension in the muscles. Maintaining the head stiff in a single position does that the neck be strained. Lower back not being able to be maintained stiff on the endorsement tends to be relaxed and to be arched, causing subsequent pains in it. In some cases the people spread to support its weight on the elbows, causing them subsequent pains. Be maintained sitting for long periods on surfaces comfortable but that does not permit the circulation, cause sleepiness in the legs.

We wanted to create a product that friends and strange upon passing they ask" ¿WTF is this??? And where can I obtain one?"


My concept is to scatter all the weight on the structure of the chair and to utilize the gravity in benefit, so that be the chair the one that take charge of the weight and comfort, doing that the tension of the head, neck, back and arms be devious to the structure of the chair, doing that the user be more comfortable. This has been difficult. To give to the chair an attractive design, and mechanically functional, To do that be easy and simple of utilize, and to do it economic without utilize elements of hydraulics, that would enlarge the costs, and that would reduce the possibility to acquire it. 

Forget of those frightening pains lower back, adjustment the chair to the form of your body. 

Combining the possibility in the same structure, so the user can switch into a position more traditional as a desk, and that is mechanically functional without eliminate the original concept is difficult.

Therefore I have passed several months, resolving the design of this chair, and the price may be considered expensive, if compared with a simple chair of plastic, but nowadays the use of the computer has become a need and for some people is their main tool of work, if you are one of them, that utilizes the computer for long periods, is possible that in the future, you will continue using the computer, and if now you do not suffer from pains, thinks that in the future you would be able to have them. The Scorpio is for you!, think about this product as an investment for your future health, as a limited edition single article which can last you over time, and that will be your perfect companion for many years. 

The scorpion chair is like an exclusive car, just few people will be able to have one