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The invention relates to a computer device which combines keyboard and two mice in one single device, said device replacing the standard keyboard and mouse.

The purpose of the ergonomic design of the inventive device is to reduce the time and movements required when working with the keyboard and mouse to improve the comfort of the user in order to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

Time is reduced by eliminating the need for the user's hands to be moved in order to use the mouse, the alphanumeric keyboard, the function keys, the directional keys, etc. According to the invention, all of the keys are brought within reach of the fingers on two devices, one for each hand, which prevent any additional movements on the user's part and replace the standard keyboard and mouse

. Moreover, the number of keys is almost halved in comparison with the standard keyboard which is more than 100 keys. The inventive device, which comprises 52 keys and 144 different combinations, provides all the functions of a standard keyboard with fewer keys as well as offering the possibility of adding additional functions.

The device is intended for use by persons using computers, such as programmers, graphic designers, writers and other general users so that work can be performed more quickly and comfortably than with the standard keyboard and mouse.