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I hope that you have seen my video

The previous technology limits the normal vision to the tunnel vision, uses two independent screens, 1 for each eye, my invention uses only one screen, through 3DTV technology (a lenticular sheet separates the image for each eye, like the 3DTV technology that do not uses goggles) and patent 2 (using the same technology of active vision) allows a enveloping wide view (Full 3D peripheral vision), without seeing the screen frame.

My invention has cameras, lets you do any activity without removing the glasses (you can view your desk and 3D images superimposed).

My invention allows you to use a 3D mouse in the street or anywhere, in a 3D environment, and that permits do anything (design, programming and anything you can imagine) before it was only possible to do with a PC, replaces the monitor and surpasses it.

Nowadays, a smartphone has the processing speed of a PC or laptop and why you can not use it as a PC, the answer is simple, the area of the screen and the interface (mouse, keyboard) limit its use. My creation solves the problem.

I think that my invention can do a new technological revolution because it will substitute pc, laptop, iphone, smartphone etc.  Whenever the only one that need to see the information be the bearer of the goggles and in case of be necessary be would develop a software that would permit to share and transmitting (DLNA, WIDI, WIFI) the images to other goggles to be able to interact with other people

Example:  imagine an enormous console of recording studio with many controls, where the console non physic is virtually simulated, and several people can handle (programming) the console at the same time in virtual reality.

In the video "how or works details" explains as works this technology, if you this interested In market this technology, I can explain him any doubt, to do of this technology. 


All the technology that show in my video is exist

You can see the patent 1 PCTMX2010/000066
You can see the patent 2 MX/a/2010/005900
You can see the patent 3 patent pending
You can see the patent 4 patent pending

You can see the official patent in this website:


List of tecnologias for creacion of the Visor 3D

Screen AMOLED Flexible

Lenticular lens Sheet

Magnifying glass sheet

Electronic liquid crystal glasess bifocal

Motion Detection (radio sensor intensity or magnetometer ) 3D MOUSE